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Law Firm Marketing, that gets results.

Does your law firm need more clients?

We’ll focus our lead generation efforts on acquiring the right clients for your firm.

Not sure where to focus your marketing attention?

We’ll review your entire online presence and come up with an action plan.

No idea what you need from a marketing strategy?

We’ll work closely with you to uncover the best way to grow your firm.

 Digital Marketing for Law Firms

We’re an innovative legal marketing agency that really understands the needs of lawyers. Because it’s all we do.

Let’s face it, potential clients only need you when they have a problem. So many traditional marketing strategies just don’t work for your business.

Clients aren’t looking for the best lawyer, they are looking for the best solution to their problem.

The most effective marketing campaigns for law firms focus on your clients’ pain points and then shows how your services will address them.

This is problem focused marketing.

For more than 8 years our founder, Kaylee, has been consulting to law firms. This has given great insight and enabled her to develop marketing strategies for your firm. Helping you acquire and retain your ideal clients to grow profits and get results.

Taking the pressure off your shoulders and leaving you the time to do what you best. Using your skills and services to fix your clients problems.

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Our Effective Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms

Marketing Strategy

Gaining insights into your clients and competitors we’ll prepare a marketing plan to grow your firm


Potential clients are looking for you. We’ll optimise your website to be found online

Google Ads

Drive qualified leads to your website from the Google search engine results.


Effective and personalised copy that drives conversions

Sales Funnels

Turn warm leads into new clients to grow your firm the smart s way.

Reputation Management

Ensure your online brand presence remains positive across all platforms

Social Media Advertising

Be found when your potential clients are looking for you to solve their problem.


Grow your brand awareness and celebrate your success

The key to your firm’s success? An individually-tailored marketing blueprint.

To grow a successful law firm, you need clients that are the right match for you, and you for them.

Clients that are willing to pay for your expertise and who will listen to your advice. Clients who speak highly of you and will refer their friends to you.

You need regular, loyal customers that listen to you and pay their bills.

So where are they hiding? And how do you find them?
The answer is, you don’t. They find you.

That’s where our blueprint can help. We’ll tailor a marketing solution to help you grow and acquire the right clients. Leaving you the time to focus on the day to day running of your legal firm.

Why choose us?

KMC Consulting has brought together a smart team of digital marketing professionals, including strategy experts, copywriters, SEO consultants and advertising superstars.

Who all:

  • have a proven track record
  • get results
  • have high values
  • take the time to understand your firm
  • are transparent with you always

Let’s get started

To deliver the best result for your firm and give it the time and nurturing it needs to be a success we only take on 3 clients each month.

Get in touch to see how we can take your firm to the next level.