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About Us

Kaylee Chirichiello

My name is Kaylee Chirichiello and I am passionate about helping small and medium sized law firms bridge the gap of getting online & acquiring new customers.

With the explosion of technology and digital marketing it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest marketing strategies and trends. You know you need to be online, but you also want to keep costs down and invest in strategies you know will work.

That’s where I come in.

My team and I can help you implement a digital marketing strategy that allows you to consistently reach new prospects and generate leads on auto-pilot.

Through consulting to law firms over the last 8 years, I have developed a proven blueprint for effective lead generation, leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies to reach targeted prospects when they’re ready to commit.

Traditional marketing strategies work by broadcasting an offer for a product or service that people want or desire. Such as a TV, clothing or a car. Law firms on the other hand, need to be marketed differently, as, let’s face it, potential clients only need you when they’re facing a problem.

We call this Problem-first marketing.

So, have you thought about this?… stop focusing your marketing about your services and. Instead, market the problem your customer wants to solve, and how you can help them.

Your marketing strategy is designed to attract prospects who are experiencing that problem and need your help, resulting in more leads that convert to sales.

Why work with me?

Professional, personalised & efficient service – I wouldn’t expect anything less so why should you?

Cost effective – I pride myself on delivering value & results while still keeping budgets down & being as cost effective as possible.

8 years’ experience with law firms – I have seen first hand the ins and outs of 100’s of law firms here in Australia and the US and how each of them operate. Over the years I have been assigned to help with streamlining internal office procedures, advise best practices & help get the most out of their practice management software to ensure you’re getting the most value for money and improving your bottom line.

Only the best will do – I am a firm believer of getting the right people onto the job. This means finding the superstars in each aspect of digital marketing to provide the best result for your firm. I have spent countless hours ensuring I have the right people for the job that can deliver the high value only I expect – and more.

We do things properly – we take the time to get to know your business, look at the whole picture, find out what you have in place or not, and develop a tailored strategy that will suit your business/marketing goals to achieve the results you desire.

Schedule a 1-1 call so that we can grow your law firm for you.